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So I just had about the scariest moment of my life...

So I put out those mouse traps I bought. They're the fancy ones, where the mouse goes inside this big black thing and then it kills you don't have to see or touch a dead mouse. Well anyway, I baited one and put it in my closet a few days ago right by this big hole thats obviously been chewed into the wall. So far no luck, until today that is. I was sitting on my bed doing my nails, when I started to hear all this rattling coming from my closet. At first I was just like "what the hell..." but then I figured it must be a mouse messing with the trap. Or that one went in, didn't die, and was now trying to escape. So I open the closet door slowly (the cat is also profoundly interested in this) and reach in to flip on the light. When look over towards the trap I can see it moving, its almost inside the hole. Then I see this HUGE CLAW coming from the other side of the hole and trying to pull the trap through. I nearly shit myself. I screamed out loud "Oh my god what the hell it that!". It dropped the trap, which rolled aways from the hole a little, and stuck its head through. GIANT FUCKING RACCOON. Ugggghhh. I grabbed the cat and yelled at it, which made it scamper off. What the hell??? Mice i can deal with, but fuckin raccoons????? Scccrreewww that.
Now there is something in the wall behind my dresser, thats trying to get out. I don't think the area is big enough for a raccoon...but you never know. I can hear it chewing and scratching...go away!
So yeah...nearly crapped my pants. You know, if it would have been the ugly ass possum that tried to attack me when I was sitting outside that one time, I probably WOULD have crapped myself.
So I think...I need to call the landlord....or an exterminator....or both.
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